Introducing PAL Solutions
It is with great pleasure that we would like to inform you of our name change and our new product brand names. We have officially changed our name from PALPAY to PAL Solutions, dropping the pay aspect in our name to better represent ourselves as a company. The main reasons we felt this was necessary were;
1.    To eliminate the misconception that PAL Solutions is only a payroll software company.
We offer much more!
2.    To eliminate the confusion between the foreign remittance brand PayPal and PAL Solutions.
Under our new name PAL Solutions we are proud to offer the following, value adding, products:
  •  An extensive HR Suite, welcomed as PAL People
  • Our powerful Payroll, aptly named PAL Pay
  • And our comprehensive, fully integrated, HR and Payroll software, taking us forward as PAL Galaxy

Please don't forget our consulting expertise around HR and Payroll. Over many years we have developed vast amounts of extensive expertise which we welcome you to draw on.

In due course our website, email addresses and alike will be changing, please bear with us during this process. We aim to make the process as seamless as possible.

We at PAL Solutions look forward to the future under our new name and the clarity it brings.

With our best intentions

The PAL Team