Payroll Outsourcing Service

Our outsourcing service is backed by professionally trained staff and our own payroll software which is constantly under review and updated in line with statutory obligations and according to the changing needs and expectations of our clients. We provide a reliable and cost effective service irrespective of the complexity or size of your payroll. We guarantee complete peace of mind and the assurance that your employees will be paid on time.

Benefits Of Outsourcing Your Payroll To PAL Solutions

Outsourcing of the payroll is a highly cost effective mechanism and it provides your business the opportunity to utilize resources more productively on key functions.

Outsourcing adds value by:

  • Allowing you to focus on your core company objectives
  • Eliminating time consuming payroll data capturing
  • Prevents internal fraud
  • Complete confidentiality of information
  • Ensure that your payroll complies with the latest legislation
  • No annual software license fees
Services Offered

PAL Pay, our Payroll Software application, is a superior product that allows us to provide a superior service which includes detailed costing analysis, interfaces into financial applications, mid month payments, back pay runs with wage negotiations and an effective reporting enquiry tool.

We have extensive experience in the payroll Industry and our application has been designed to ensure that we can accommodate the complexities of any industry.  Over and above the standard monthly, weekly and bi weekly payrolls, we also accommodate anniversary date type payrolls.

Your requirements will be discussed in detail and we will formulate a service that is tailored to best suit your needs. Our value added services include:

  • In-depth needs analysis to ensure that you get exactly what you expect
  • Capturing of all your payroll related changes and input for example overtime, loans, provident funds etc.
  • All input transactions captured are reviewed and verified to ensure accuracy
  • Generating professional confidential payslips on PAL Solutions Stationery
  • Provide company reconciliations and reports in respect of gross pay, net pay, company contributions and deductions made during the pay period
  • Provide reports which detail all payments that you are required to make to all third parties (SARS, UIF, SDL, Medical Aid, Pension Funds, Provident Funds, Garnishee Orders, etc.
  • Provide Leave Liability Reporting
  • Submission of UIF & PAYE returns and files on a monthly basis
  • Reconciliation of all employees tax paid and the electronic submission of your EMP501 and Tax Records
  • Basic Industry reporting is standard functionality which includes reports and applicable files for Sentinel, MEPF, MWPF and Chamber Returns
  Additional services provided are:
  • Interface files into the financial application
  • Customised reporting for Management Information
  • Interface into our application from external sources (for example, Time and Attendance)

Once the initial setup of the software has been completed, all you need to do is forward the necessary input to the PAL Solutions Payroll Processing Division on a pre-defined date and we will provide you with an accurate & timely payroll.

Tasks and responsibilities are pre-defined and the cost per payslip produced will depend on the service you require. There is a once off up front cost to set up the user specific payroll rules as well as the take on process from the current application to PAL Solutions.

Add On Services

In addition we can provide the following ad hoc services:

  • Payment of bonuses, late overtime, etc. can be done as a separate supplementary payment.  This payment is a final calculation and no advances are deducted at month end.
  • Payment of leave encashment and 13th cheque payments can be done as a separate supplementary payment. This payment is a final calculation and no advances are deducted at month end.
  • Back pay runs can be processed to accommodate payment of antedated salaries as a result of late or delayed salary negotiations with organized labour.  The back pay can be paid as a separate payment or added to the next month end payment.
  • Any changes to your payment rules or policies as a result of restructuring or wage agreements will be accommodated.  Maintenance of the payroll rules file can either be incorporated in the form of a monthly retainer or be maintained on a “time and material” basis.  The same principal will apply to any add hoc reports or enquiries you may require.
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