Skills Administrator

With the development of skills having become a national imperative more and more pressure is going to be applied to managers to "get it right"! Add to that the increasing cost of training and skills development, the ability to get a substantial portion of those costs refunded from your SETA and your need to create a sustainable competitive advantage in order for your business to survive and you will see why you cannot survive without Skills Administrator. Unrivalled in South Africa the system helps you ensure your employees receive the best available training whilst at the same time eliminating unnecessary and irrelevant training.Turning theory into practical reality the software helps you with your skills audits, records all relevant information, matches the requirements of each post to the skills of it's incumbent and provides you with a skills gap analysis that shows you simply and effectively where a learning intervention is required.

In line with our entire development philosophy Skills Administrator is very user friendly and will help you contain costs, maximise productivity and enhance your ability to create that sustainable competitive advantage you need!

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So what does Skills Administrator do?

It lets you manage your entire skills development program. Helping you every step of the way, you can quickly and easily build your post profiles. The Job Profile Builder records all the qualifications, experience and skills each post needs. It tracks the systems and equipment necessary to ensure its day to day tasks are completed efficiently and notes any personal characteristics that the post may require - for example you don't want an introvert in a sales or PR post (or do you?) the choice is yours! 

Having built your post profiles you need to build the profiles for each of your employees. The software helps you each step of the way. And when you are done click your mouse button and you can see graphically where each of your employee's has a skills gap (or is overqualified for the job!!!)

Tightly integrated with HR Administrator and utilising our built in Employee Self Service and Workflow functionality, your ongoing employee appraisal processes keep all your information up to date. So, at any time, you can create an Employee Learning Plan (or all of them) and just as simply create and print your Workplace Skills Plan for submission to your SETA so you can get your money back! 

Who needs it? 

Any organisation that is serious about cost control and their employee's personal growth and well being will benefit from using Skills Administrator. Sustainability is the only way we can survive and your people are your differentiator. Skills Administrator helps you help your people help you!

Features and benefit

 Post profiles built with ease 

The software has been designed to help you every step of the way. Flowing logically from one step in the process to the next you can specify exactly what each post or job in your organisation requires. From qualifications through experience and skills to personal attributes Skills Administrator helps you include both the measurable and more intangible requirements for each post so there can be no misunderstanding about what is required.

Post profile all available on-line all the time 

Skills Administrator is fully web enabled so your personnel can see what is required of them (or any post they aspire to) any time of the night or day from anywhere in the world - all they need is a web browser!