Value Add

PAL Solutions have developed an Integrated Employee Management System that is clearly ahead of its class, meeting the most complex demands of both Corporate and Industrial Organisations. Most importantly the PAL Solutions Software application is a value-add application that will inevitably result in the improvement of efficiencies in your HR and Payroll Departments. A client has quoted that a saving in excess of 40% in administrative costs has been achieved as a direct result of the implementation of PAL Solutions and the optimised utilisation of the functionality within the application.

Value is added through:

Improved Efficiency and Reduction in Administration

The consolidation of Group data and the automation of business processes will result in less dependency on staff to intervene with manual controls and calculations. A typical example is the automatic recalculation, adjustments and costing of backdated and retrospective salaries and employee benefits.

Elimination of Duplications

Company structures and employee benefits traditionally dictate that multiple Payrolls are being maintained within one organization or group. Our Solution caters for the consolidation of multiple entities on a single database, resulting in a single set of returns, reconciliations, interfaces, 3rd party files and payments.

Effective Cost Management

Our unique functionality to facilitate daily or intermediate month to date costing data provides for an effective tool to manage employee and training cost via an easy accessible database.

Accessibility of Information

All data, whether Payroll, Training, HR Administration, Leave Administration etc. is immediately available for on-line enquiry and updating purposes.

The Functionality Includes

Date driven rules, transactions and costing provide for automatic pro ration of earnings and deductions on engagement, transfer, promotion or discharge. This goes well beyond the standard time/date stamping that other applications offer.

Shift calendars providing the detail of each day in a calendar month. The number of months for which history to be held is User controlled. For each day in the month, the actual shift code worked, costing information, pay rate, overtime hours worked, standby, call-out, acting, is recorded.

Extensive leave facilities (Annual Leave, Maternity Leave, Paternity Leave, Sick and Accident Leave). Provision is made for all the data required so that the system can determine all the leave components that the employee qualifies for and when the leave will be due. A record is kept of each leave occurrence per type of leave.

Detailed history is maintained for the period on acting as well as the details of the employee acting for.