PAL People

Our PAL People product range is incredibly user friendly. Built in South Africa to meet South African needs it will help you contain costs by effectively managing leave liabilities and speeding up efficiencies through the employee self service module. PAL People will help you retain and motivate employees through effective performance management and evaluations, as the saying goes, a happy employee is a productive employee.

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HR Executive Software Overview

HR Administrator is designed to handle every administrative aspect of the human resource processes in any organisation. It records full details of each Post Profile including Key Responsibility Areas. It also records all your Personnel’s Details, which are matched to their specific Post Profile giving you access to all their information and individualised Learning Plans at the click of a button.

The Performance Administrator module helps you comply with the new legislation and keep control of the Performance Appraisal process, ensuring deadlines are met and records are accurate and up to date. The on-line appraisal process provides you with a fast and efficient solution to an otherwise time consuming exercise. Your choice of one-on-one or 360° appraisals gives you flexibility and an instant record of each appraisal. Controlled by your rules, every evaluation will be fair and consistent.

Closely aligned with the Performance Appraisal process, and of vital importance these days, is the whole aspect of your employees’ Skills Development. The concept of lifelong learning is not new to professional people. What is new is that the responsibility for driving this rests with you, the employer. Our Skills Administrator module provides complete control over your skills development administration processes. Working in tandem with the Performance Appraisal process it helps you ensure that each employee receives the correct training at the appropriate time, saving you time and money and increasing your organisation’s overall level of performance. Unrivaled in South Africa, Skills administrator will help you ensure your employees receive the best available training whilst at the same time eliminating unnecessary and irrelevant training. Turning theory into practical reality, Skills Administrator matches the requirements of each post to the skills of its incumbent, providing you with a skills gap analysis and showing you simply and effectively where a learning intervention is required.

In today’s hard and fast world everyone wants to know where they are going within the organization. It is now common knowledge that an individual’s primary motivators are an understanding of, and control over, their developmental and growth prospects. Clearly drawn up and communicated plans lead to staff that are happy and confident that you, as the employer, do actually care for them. The underlying message to the employee is that the organisation values their skills and services and is willing to assist them in their own personal development.

Industrial Relations Management has become a task that is commonly performed in most organisations. Generally, however, line management are not sufficiently skilled or experienced to adequately deal with every incident correctly. The biggest problem for any organisation is that this lack of skill and experience opens it up to procedural and substantive mistakes – all of which can prove to be very costly. Our IR Administrator will hold your hand through every step of the process ensuring you stay legal and fair at all times.

Inadequate Leave Management can cost your organisation a tremendous amount of money and cause great unhappiness amongst your staff. The maintenance of leave records is a time consuming and costly function. In addition, the unseen cost of un-captured leave can be substantial - as a manager this is a cost you are responsible for eradicating! Our Leave Administrator ensures that all the data you need to solve this problem is captured at source. As your employees apply for leave the data is recorded and, once approved on-line, will NEVER disappear. No more unnecessary payouts, no more leave in excess of your organisation’s rules, no more time consuming queries, no more disputes!