PAL Solutions' PAL Pay is a payroll solution that through sophisticated functionality and automation of business processes will effectively save you money. Value is added to your bottom line by improving efficiencies and reducing time and effort normally spent on payroll administration. With built in checks and validations, auto pro rations of benefits and effective cost management, you will finally have a system that does the work for you!

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The functionality and flexibility in PAL Pay allows for use in any industry, however we have put together the following industry specific categories to help ease your browsing. Simply follow the links for more on each industry:
 Corporate Mining Manufacturing Casuals
Corporate Payroll
Mining Payroll
Manufacturing / Construction Payroll
Casuals / Flexi Workers Payroll
Payroll for the Corporate Environment
Payroll for the Mining IndustryPayroll for the Manufacturing Industry
Payroll for Casuals & Flexi Workers

Functionality Included In The System: 

Group Payroll Consolidation

The PAL Pay functionality allows for the consolidation of multiple Payrolls, traditionally set up as a result of the presence of different Legal entities or Conditions of employment, into one single Group Payroll.

  • The autonomy and confidentiality within the group will not be compromised – consolidated or distributed reporting and processing is catered for. The different Companies / Legal entities or Conditions of employment (Executive, Management, Production Line, etc.) will be controlled by the security set up for restriction of data access, reporting or functional areas in the software.

The single Payroll will eliminate multiple files SARS, UIF, Costing Interface etc. The reduction in time to consolidate reports and in the elimination of multiple file transfers will result in the effective utilisation of resources.

Date Effective Functionality

We address the areas in the day to day management of employees that traditionally require manual calculations outside the system.

  • When an employee is engaged on a date other than the 1st or is discharged on a day other than the last day of the pay-period – Automatic pro-ration all benefits and leave days due is done by the system.
  • When rate increases and changes in benefits are advised, they are advised with an effective date and the system applies it accordingly. If the effective date falls in the middle of a pay period the system applies the change from the effective date and not the start of the period.
Statutory requirements for Casual / Flexi Employees
  • Unemployment Insurance will be calculated once the employee has worked more than 24 hours  in a month.
  • Leave will be accumulated in units of 1 in 17 (hours or days) 1 hour for every 17 hours worked for example.
  • The actual periods worked in the tax year is accumulated for reporting purposes on the Tax Certificates as well as for PAYE calculation purposes.
Other PAL Solutions Differentiators
  • All third party payments can be accommodated (Garnishees, Medical Aid, Pension, etc.) including the calculation of collections fees and VAT where applicable.  Payment Schedules and EFT files are created directly from the application.
  • Validations form an integral part of our Application and will result in correct payment of salaries and cost effective management of time worked.  For example, overtime can not be captured if an employee is absent from work.
  • The Leave Management System is an integral feature of the Application and the date effectiveness allows for the accurate payment, date effective recording and history as well as full liabilities on Annual Leave, Sick Leave, Accident Leave and User defined Leaves (Family Responsibility Leave, Sports Leave, Maternity Leave, etc.)
  • The Training and Development functionality facilitates the effective management of cost involved in employee Skills Training and the effective reporting as per the SDL and Employment Equity requirements. This will assist in realising a return on your salary bill as per the SDL grants awarded to employers who submit a Workplace Skills Plan and Training Reports.
Effective Cost Management

Our unique functionality to facilitate daily or intermediate month to date costing data provides for an effective tool to manage employee cost.

  • Cost information is available by cost period which does not have to be the same as the period for which the employee is paid.
  • An employee’s costs can be allocated to a different cost centre every day as they move between cost centres.
  • When allocating cost items like hours worked the user can allocate according to the Group’s Business Unit, Cost code or Pay point structures as well as Process, Responsibility and Team allocations.
  • Our costing query tool allows for the enquiry on costs for the cost period to date, any previous cost period or across multiple cost periods for a specific cost centre with extensive drill down facilities.