Highly motivated HR and Payroll professionals staff the company with an average of 20 years' experience in the technical and business HR and Payroll environment. The company consults to several leading companies in South Africa.

The following services are provided:

Consulting Service

The consulting services we provided for are:

Payroll Consulting 
HR Consulting
  • Evaluation, analysis and implementation of a new payroll systems
  • The use of the PAL Solutions payroll system 
  • Interpretation of the statutory rules and regulations 
  • Implementation of new business requirements 
  • Effective use of 'control' systems and procedures 
  • Payroll changes vs. Industrial Relations issues 
  • Best Practice Development
  • Corporate Strategy alignment to HR
  • Skills outsourcing consulting
  • Policy Alignment
  • Change management
  • Performance management
  • Training & Development
  • Organisation design & development
  • HR Policies and procedure 
Implementation and Conversion (PAL Solutions Software)

A comprehensive service is provided to all our clients whereby our expert consultants will:

  • Perform a business process analysis
  • Compile technical business specifications 
  • Implement the business requirements 
  • Train the payroll and HR departments staff 
  • Oversee the 'Live' implementation
  • Provide first class SLA support

We offer customised training on aspects such as:

  • Effective use of Our computerised Human Capital Management system
  • Operating instructions 
  • Focused HR Workshops
  • Basic Conditions of the Employment Act 
  • Labour Act 
  • Unemployment Insurance Act 
  • Compensation for Occupational and Diseases Act 
  • Skills Development Levy Act
Product Support

Our Consultants will maintain the integrity of the computerised system by maintaining/delivering:

  • Earnings and deduction calculation parameters
  • Statutory requirements 
  • Validation rules 
  • Performing diagnosis support if needed
  • A comprehensive user manual
Project Management

Project Managers handle projects from the initial planning to implementation phases by:

  • Initialisation of the project plan
  • Co-ordination of activities 
  • Evaluate progress and system performance 
  • Recommend methods for improvement

Audits are conducted on items such as:

  • Employee and Fringe Benefit Tax
  • Leave liabilities and provisions 
  • Payroll creditor accounts 
  • Shift and time recording 
  • Special bonus schemes